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    Technically, it is possible. However, the Skeddy's search algorithm is based on serving the closest driver first. This is done to avoid the situation when the driver who is 15 miles away from the pickup location will be grabbing the ride from the diver who is in 2 miles from the pickup location.

    At that, our current Pin notion does not yet support a Time property, so, all existing pins are being treated as "current" by the Search algorithm. In the Pro version, we plan to add the Time property to the Pin notion.

    As a result, if yearly at the morning you already know that you will be close to the airport today at 2PM, then you will be able to put another Pin for 2PM close to the airport.

    Then, in case there is a scheduled pickup for, let say, 2:30 PM in the airport area, it is a very high probability that you will be the closest driver to that pickup by that time, so Skeddy would assign this pickup to you.

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