Beta update for Android has been released




  • PointA2B

    What’s the latest versioning number?

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    Where is the beta testing set up for iPhone users and why are my trips not showing up on my SKEDDY apps when I have over 70 credits and I have two reserved LYFT scheduled rides for tomorrow I don’t see them on my SKEDDY app Schedule. They’re not showing how do I get them to show up I refreshed the screen three times. I also paid for 60 SKEDDY credits that I have not been refunded for as of yet and I have not been able to get anySKEDDY rides for theLAST YEAR so either refresh my screen or update my account whereas I get my rides LISTED on the SKEDDY app or you can refund me my money in full and not on Zelle refunded to the same card that I use when I purchased the SKEDDY APP

    I have reported SKEDDY to the Better Business Bureau and I will report SKEDDY to the FBI and let the FBI know that SKEDDY is a huge scam. THANK YOU ANDREA B. #42131

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  • Skeddy Support

    Dear Andrea,

    Our app is not a scam; it has worked flawlessly for thousands of users for several years.

    We are consistently solving the technical issues that have arisen, and the iPhone application will be updated soon.

    We are ready to refund your credits anytime via PayPal or Zelle. Unfortunately, we cannot return them to the same card you used because you purchased credits in the App Store, and we do not know what card you used there.

    Skeddy Team

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